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  1. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  2. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  3. n00bs! Check out the LVL1 Quickstart info sheet next to the liability waivers. Feel free to ask questions.
  4. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. Fume hood
      2. Wood lathe tools
    2. Open to Volunteers / Projects
      1. Bernheim CONNECT (Just register your project http://www.bernheim.org/event_im/Connect_particForm11.pdf )
      2. Derbycon Hardware Village / Mini-Hackerspace (Brad)
  5. New Business
    1. Space Upgrades
      1. Table saw downstairs
      2. Mac Mini (Thanks Chris P!)
    2. Laser on it's way!
      1. Tomorrowish
    3. Makerbot needs a little TLC
      1. When something isn't working, let your fellow LVL1ers know about it.
    4. MakerFaire Demo Tables
      1. See Joe if you are bringing a project.
      2. Plan table out
  6. Upcoming Workshops & Events
    1. KYOSS (6:30pm 7/13)
    2. LVL1 Labs (5:30pm 7/19)
    3. Bloominglabs in Bloomington, IN open house (7/23 10am-4pm) http://www.bloominglabs.org/
      1. New, dedicated 1000 sqft space for hacking
    4. Makerfaire Detroit (7/30-7/31)
    5. Bernheim CONNECT (8/27) http://www.bernheim.org/connect.html
    6. Derbycon (9/30-10/2) tickets on sale now
    7. Daycon in Dayton, Oh (10/10-10/12)
    8. Sumobot competition and Halloween party (10/29) need prizes
  7. Oculus Week In Review
  8. Project Rollcall


1. Call to order at 815pm by microkernel. 26 hacker-type people present. 2. Old business (see above)

  a. Paul Faget needs a high power flyback transformer... any old big CRT monitors out there?
  b. Jose has his mini-laser cutter in operation. He promissed to have it built before the commercial laser got here, and he did.
  c. MicroK reminds all of us to be sure to post a note if any equipment is discovered to inoperative. S**t breaks all the time... just let someone (the list) know.
  d. Need a pit crew for the power wheels racer... see Joe

3. Workshops and events (see above)

  a. KYOSS on Wed July 13 will have CSS3 topic. Pizza at 630 pm sharp.

4. Reviewed Oculus pics 5. microK and other LVL1 folks met with GLI and Louisville Metro Inventor's Council (LMIC) this afternoon. Expect a joint meeting with LVL1 / GLI / LMIC in next few weeks. 6. Product roll call

  a. Travis is still working on his Dremel CNC machine.
  b. Grace has a friend who wants to start a local paper (Since the big layoff at the C-J.) She wants to do a story every 2 weeks about local makers. She is looking for volunters to be topics. (Wearenytech.com)
  c. Josh is a new member and has a project who is working on algae bio reactors.
  d. Jose bragged about his mini laser cutter. 
  e. The missing radioactive material (from a smoke detector)
  f. Jon wants volunteers to help stress test PCB's to the point of smoke and fire.

7. New members

  a. Josh Wilcox was nominated for membership by microK and second by Jose. Welcome Josh.

8. Treasurer report (as of end of June)

  Reserve $2000
  Assets (checking, cash, paypal) $5836
  Project allocations Whitestar($1303), Makership($352), Laser cutter($2382)
  Anticipated expenses Laser cutter $693
  Uncommitted funds $1105
  Anticipated expense of $600 for one year's insurance.

9. Adjourn at 9 pm... hack on.