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Welcome & LVL1 Quickstart

  1. New folks welcome - email and name for sign-in
  2. Quickstart to LVL1 culture:
    1. Fun is the prime directive. Keep things fun.
    2. Fair Warning: Using the collective 'we' can quickly get you deputized.
    3. When scheduling something; pick an arbitrary date to start negotiations, thereby avoiding arbitrary non-starting negotiations.
    4. The less rules the better. Don't try to solve problems we don't have.
    5. Be excellent to each other.
  3. Dues paying Members / Founding Members
    1. Voting Rights (direction and conflict resolution)
    2. 24x7 access to space, you get a key
    3. Access to all equipment owned, donated or loaned to LVL1
    4. Ability to sponsor new members

Old Business / Buying stuff from LVL1

  1. Brain and Tim have t-shirts!
  2. We Sell Make Subscriptions. $34.95 each - LVL1 gets $17.50! There is a link on the WIKI
  3. 'LVL1 Player 2 Donation' recurring paypal monthly donation of $13.37
    1. Easy way for non-members to give support without jumping into full membership.

New Business

  1. Non-profit status update
    1. Joe is not here this week, but he's been on top of it.
    2. Non-profit status is more complicated than originally thought because:
      1. Ratio of incoming funds via memberships and workshops, no grants, barely any non-member donations
  2. Okinawa Health Spa Lease Finalized and Signed
  3. Insurance Policy Finalized
  4. Utilities being switched over
  5. Space planning
    1. Build out at or near completion
      1. Bathrooms, etc (look around)
    2. Incoming Items / Donation list (Chris)
      1. On the wiki (added to sidebar)
    3. Entry systems (Chris)
      1. Strictly RFID on back door due to costs/complexity
      2. Electric strike + RFID reader will need to be installed first
      3. Authentication systems will be an ongoing project
      4. Rainbowduino on the side windows for cool effect
      5. Keys for founding members will be distributed in the interim
    4. Storage/Lockers (did anyone follow up on the auction?)
    5. Internet - Brian (redelegated to Mark)
    6. Waivers of Liability

Show and Tell + Meet and Greet + General Discussion