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Inventing and Business SIG Meeting Minutes Attendance: Joshua Wilcox, Raj Shah, Brad Luyster, Frank Luecke, Joanne Luecke


Goals: Provide objective brain storming, flushing out ideas, educational supports and connecting inventors together.

Inventing in Louisville

History of inventing in Louisville, Thomas Edison, Hubble, etc.. Was part of Greater Louisville INC, Louisville Metro Inventors Council, LVL1 has LVL1 labs, Venture Club (shark tank) Inventor’s council in Lexington has 100 paying members


The Plan

  • 1.) Meet alternating mondays of every month dependent on sound builders
  • 2.) Two regular meetings a month. One speaker focused another NDA brainstorming.
    • a.) Speaker on something that has to do with inventing, open to everyone
    • b.) NDA, Closed meeting, 40 dollars a year,
    • b.1) Round table of introductions
    • b.2) Round table of ideas, contribution on how to make it better for improvement
    • b.3) Discussion of improvements
    • b.4) 40 dollars a year fee is earmarked to pay for food for meetings, rent depending on venue and reimburse speakers as needed.

NDA and the President

NDA Arrangement Brad: You can sign an NDA agreement as long as it doesn’t inhibit another member’s use of space. This is a great opportunity to fuse business and inventing while creating the intersections of interest. If someone has an issue with this opportunity then we will be notified. You must notify the membership as early as possible about the use of the space in hope that they will support the development of this fusion of business and engineering. There has been more than one commercially viable projects. We have coops that have been doing many ground breaking things. Coworkers have used the space to complete projects.


What day isn’t used regularly on the LVL1 Calender and would have the least impact on the members use of the space? There is an alternating slot on Mondays depending on sound builders First meeting June 17th with an undisclosed speaker. Raj will set up.

Contingency Plan

Go and scope out IHub as a potential space to use. Joshua Wilcox