2019 Shapeoko 2 Refurbishment

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General Information

General Shapeoko Refurbish 0.jpg

Link to 2016 Madness Shapeoko_Repair_Madness_2016

Goal 1: Shapeoko 2 Device Refurbishment

General Shapeoko Rebuild Elements.jpg

Goal 1: Placement of Custom 3D Printed Parts

General Shapeoko 3D Side View.jpg

General Shapeoko 3D Rear View.jpg

General Shapeoko 3D Z-Axis View.jpg

Goal 1: Rewiring

General Shapeoko Refurbish 1.jpg

General Shapeoko Device Cables.jpg

Note: The Spindle Power cable has a modification. The end connector is not common. So, a new connector has be added as a matched pair with screw terminal. The use of screw terminal connectors makes "cutting" of wiring less likely and allows reuse of connectors. The connectors do not require soldering and allow for rewiring without need to "get" new connectors or "solder" lines. A lot of wiring repairs have inline splices that cause later difficulties. The screw terminals would allow entire wiring replacement.

Goal 1: Completion

Front General Shapeoko Front View.jpg

Right General Shapeoko Right View.jpg

Rear General Shapeoko Rear View.jpg

Left General Shapeoko Left View.jpg

Goal 2: Controller System

General Shapeoko Refurbish 2A.jpg

Goal 2: Controller Description

General Shapeoko Refurbish 3.jpg

Goal 2: Controller Box

Controller Box Assembled

General Shapeoko Empty Controller Box 1.jpg

Controller Box Disassembled

General Shapeoko Empty Controller Box 2.jpg

Goal 2: Front Panel Build

General Shapeoko Front Panel Build X.jpg

Goal 2: Rear Panel Build

General Shapeoko Rear Panel Build.jpg

Goal 2: Electronics

Three Boards - Arduino Uno, Arduino Prototyping Shield, CNC Shield V3.0

General Shapeoko Electronics Boards.jpg

Notes: The Arduino has its power jack removed. The Arduino is powered thru the USB. The circuitry on the Prototyping Shield added noise filtering and debounce protection to the Limit Switch Lines and Control Buttons on the E-Stop pendant. The circuitry in the photo was modified according to the schematic below to improve debounce behavior.

General Shapeoko Switch Pin Filter.jpg

The electronic were assembled in the stack below.

General Shapeoko Electronics Stack.jpg

Goal 2: Controller Box Assembly

The electronic, wiring and cooling fans were organized and supported by custom 3D printed parts.

General Shapeoko 3D CNTRLR View.jpg

Overall Controller Box Contents

General Shapeoko Control Box Contents.jpg

Assembled Controller Box Contents

General Shapeoko Controller Guts.jpg

GRBL Controller Assembled and Labelled

General Shapeoko GRBL Controller.jpg

Goal 2: E-Stop pendant

General Shapeoko Refurbish 5.jpg

Actual E-Stop pendant

General Shapeoko 2019 E-Stop Pendant Isolated.jpg

Goal 2: Power Box

General Shapeoko Refurbish 6.jpg

Example of an isolated power wiring harness

Shapeoko 2019 E-Stop Pendant Cutoff Wiring.jpg

Power Box with two power wiring harnesses and control button connector

General Shapeoko Power Box.jpg

General Layout of Refurbished Shapeoko 2 and GRBL Controller

General Shapeoko Layout.jpg

Actual Layout

General Shapeoko Actual Layout.jpg

General Notes:

General Shapeoko Refurbish 4.jpg