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STREAMING (maybe):

  • Streaming projector screen from meeting: [1]
  • Streaming video/audio of meeting: [2]


  1. You can find all of our Meeting Minutes at http://wiki.lvl1.org
  2. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  3. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  4. n00bs! Check out the LVL1 Quickstart info sheet next to the liability waivers. Feel free to ask questions.
  5. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. Bicycle Chain and gears (Lots of bicycle chain!)
      2. VGA Audio/Video Matrix (for mother)
      3. Batteries for solar panels
  6. New Business
    1. Space Upgrades
      1. Mother Kiosk (Main)
  7. Upcoming Workshops & Events
    1. A Very Griswold Christmas (12/3 details soon)
  8. Project Rollcall

Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting called to order at 2003
  2. 23 Hackers Present
  3. Still Wanted:
    1. Lots of Bicycle Chain (See Jon)
    2. Gell Cell of AGM Batteries for Solar Panels
  4. Space Upgrades:
    1. Touch Screen Interface for MOTHER
      1. Control Music
      2. Turn stuff off easily, quickly
  5. Jon Coder brought in a Lathe!
    1. He's getting a Bolt for the tail stock.
  6. A very Griswold Christmas is coming up!
  7. Nathan has volunteered for an Object Oriented Design Workshop!
  8. Hacktivism 101 Workshop
  9. John Coder/Tim Miller considering a Metalworking section in the Basement
  10. Ben has proposed LVL1 Thanksgiving, Thursday, 3-4pm
  11. Project Rollcall
    1. White Star's first flight, Congratulations White Star!
    2. Tyler still working on RFID system

Meeting Adjourned at 2020.