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STREAMING (maybe):

  • Streaming projector screen from meeting: [1]
  • Streaming video/audio of meeting: [2]

  1. You can find all of our Meeting Minutes at http://wiki.lvl1.org
  2. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  3. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  4. n00bs! Check out the LVL1 Quickstart info sheet next to the liability waivers. Feel free to ask questions.
  5. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. Front window for Fume Hood (30" by 48")
      2. Capacitors, 20 uF @ 10,000 volts to explode watermelons
      3. Bicycle Chain and gears (Lots of bicycle chain!)
      4. VGA Audio/Video Matrix (for mother)
  6. New Business
    1. Space Upgrades
      1. Reorganizing of Boneyard (Thanks Jon and Nathan!)
      2. Dust Collection System (On Loan from Marc Verdi, Thanks Marc!)
  7. Upcoming Workshops & Events
    1. "Who's your Mommy" Mother Automation System Meeting (10/26)
      1. Introduction to automation, system overview, Phase 1 Goals and Plans, and to determine the best week day for the re-occurring "Mother Lovin Meetings"
    2. Sumobot competition and Halloween party (10/29) Prizes!!
    3. SkyDogCon in Nashville (11/4)
      1. Our booth at DerbyCon was so awesome, they invited us to Nashville!
      2. Coolest unfinished project gets $1000!
    4. Freeduino Workshop (11/5)
      1. http://lvl1novemberfreeduino.eventbrite.com/
    5. hackerSPACE in Lexington (11/11-11/12)
      1. CubeSat class satellites workshop from the inventors of CubeSats
      2. $150 general / $75 student
      3. http://www.kentuckyspace.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=330&Itemid=179
    6. Kinect Workshop (11/12 2pm)
      1. Windows version for this one, Linux version sometime in Dec. or Jan.
      2. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2354833370
  8. Project Rollcall


  1. Call to order at 805 pm. 33 humans present.
  2. Space Upgrades
    1. New LVL1 hot air rework station has arrived.
  3. Paul described his experience with his magnet implants.
  4. Mark updated on his conversation with the IRS regarding our 501c3 application. The IRS person had looked at our website and was concerned that we have too many fun activities to qualify. We will receive a latter with request for more info form the IRS and we can respond at that time.
  5. Chris C discussed the Makership fund and asked for donations to fund future Makerships.
  6. Brad talked about his new development board -> theolabs.com -> Procyon Rev 2 -> teho Labs 2011.
  7. Adjourn at 835 pm.

Jon Announcements

Donations Process

  • New labels on shelves
  • Shelves will be processed at the end of each week
  • Please allow the items to go through the "Donation" process
  • Items to be loaned may be put on Donation shelves if desired and a wiki page and label will be created for you. (make sure you mark the "LOAN" box on the label)
  • Donation Etiquette
    • When a company donates hardware (teensies, LED's, Discovery Kits, etc...), lets make sure we try to post some projects on the LVL1 site with links referring to the company that donated the hardware. This is how we convince other companies that there is a value in donating items to LVL1.
    • Let's acknowledge those who make donations or put in the work to get us donations. I'm looking for someone to post a blog entry weekly/bi-weekly or monthly thanking those who have donated items to the space.
    • Please wait for donations to be "processed" before taking them. Also, remember donated items should be first given a chance to be used for LVL1 projects before taken for personal use.

(Be Excellent)

Big Room Clean Up

  • Please remove PERSONAL items from the middle of the BIG Room and place along the left wall
  • Do not move items that are not PERSONAL items
  • Items left will not be thrown away yet
  • You'll get a chance to view items again before they are thrown away

Boneyard Renovation

  • [3]Boneyard has been cleaned and organized
  • [4]Large wooden shelves are for LVL1 project storage and are NOT part of the boneyard
  • [5]Items are being sorted into bins. Feel free to take from bins, but PLEASE DO NOT put items back into bins they don't belong in.
  • The back corner of the boneyard is for "Processing" items. If you don't want to sort items back into their correct bins, please put items in this area and someone else will take care of putting them back in the correct place.
  • Items with excess stock or items requiring large storage space are labeled with dates and will be periodically brought upstairs for a "free for all" before being removed from the space.
  • Boneyard Wish List - If you are looking for specific items that are not in the boneyard, write them on the "Wishlist" board right inside the door and we'll hold it aside for you if it's donated.

Pivotal Tracker Rack

(located in Boneyard)

  • [6]A shelf is being designated for items that are to be "installed" or setup at the space.

The task requiring these items should be listed on the pivotal tracker. Example:
- Routers/Switches needing installed (designated routers or switches will be on rack)
- Handicap Rails - (rails are on the rack)
- Printer needing a permanent location and installed on network (printer on the rack) You get the picture.


  • Building Automation and System Integration Meetings now starting
  • Meetings are for anyone interested in learning about Automation or that wants to help with the Mother Project
  • First meeting "Who's Your Mommy?" will be tomorrow evening (Wednesday 11/26)
  • "Who's Your Mommy?" meeting will be an introduction to automation, system overview, Phase 1 Goals and Plans, and to determine the best week day for the re-occurring "Mother Lovin Meetings"