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Welcome to LVL1!


People doing cool things for their fellow hackers! Shout outs this week go to:

  • (almost) Everyone for staying home and not spreading the plague!
    • Since these people are, by definition, not present, we shall all applaud when we come back to the space after the plague goes away.
  • Paul!!!!111111 for donating cleaning supplies!

Teh Virus


  • The situation is extremely fluid, so please keep up-to-date with the State of Kentucky's official site: https://www.kycovid19.ky.gov
  • The State of Kentucky has ordered all "public-facing businesses" and large public gatherings to be closed
    • Please continue to exercise common sense: If you are working on a project or need to use the tools at the space, LVL1 remains available for the time being, but please do not use the space for large group projects or social gatherings
    • Member RFID keys will continue to function, however, if quarantine orders are issued by the state or national government, please observe the spirit and the letter of the orders as stated
  • If you must use the space in accordance with current government-issued policies, keep washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces as appropriate
    • Paul!!!!!1paul!!1 has generously donated some sanitizing equipment; if you are in the space, please use it!
  • If you must use the space in accordance with current government-issued policies, please be courteous to your fellow hackers by maintaining physical distance (ideally 6 feet)


Project roll-call, and any other weekly meeting business, will be addressed on the mailing list.


Meeting Notes

  • Attendance: нет!
  • Meeting Start: нет!
  • Meeting Stop: нет!
  • Tour Guide: нет!