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Welcome to LVL1!


  • Scan the QR code on the table by the door and enter your license plate numbers to keep from getting a ticket. This is for everyone who uses the space.
  • This applies 24/7, and must be done each time you visit, every six hours.


People getting caught being awesome and doing things for the space.

  • Adam for redoing entrance board
  • Tim, Tiff, Metal Matt and Kevin P. for rerunning lights in the classroom.
  • People using the parking tags!
  • Power Wheels on them getting ready to race next weekend!


  • T-Shirts are on sale after the meeting!!!!
    • 8$ for a large! That's the only size we have?
    • See Tiffany
    • If you're another size, we have a sewing area!
  • Pizza fund has only around $40, please donate to the fund for next week and the rest of the month!

Lost and Found

Missing: Ebike Battery / Escooter Battery - Preston

The Tim VanSant Makership: LVL1's Makership Program

  • This program is funded completely through donations and NOT through our membership dues.
  • We currently have enough funds to offer a Makership. If you are not a member and want to do a makership:
    • Apply at https://lvl1.org/makership/ and apply via makership@lvl1.org
    • Application deadline is the last day of each month @ 11:59 PM.
    • Become a regular member of LVL1.
    • Get 3 months of membership and up to $100 of project cost reimbursements!
  • If you are a member, you can set up a monthly donation to the makership fund! See the treasurer to set this up.
  • Members: please talk up the Makership to potential new members.
  • If your application is not approved, PLEASE revise and resubmit next month.
  • Send any questions about how to submit a successful application to https://lvl1.org/makership/. We want to award a Makership!

Broken/Equipment Report

Please make sure that you review the instructions and manual and ask for the training prior to using the equipment.

  • If something is broken or needs to be replaced, please send an email to broken@lvl1.org.
  • Please supply as much information as possible; links to websites or items are GREATLY appreciated. Consumables can be time-consuming to find; broken is not a mind reader!

Curently Broken

  • Planar is dead dead - Jeff McCord has a few ideas laid out for a replacement.
  • A switch in the laser broke, but got hot wired in.

Other Quests

  • Digital Coke Machine - We need someone look into RFID stuff to be able to use your badge to purchase sodas from the soda machine.
  • Door Fetching - We are looking for a door. The preferred dimensions are 36"x84". If you have one or find one to donate, please let us know and bring it to the space.
  • Save the Planet - Reminder that there is a recycling can for cans next to the stairs for the bathroom.
  • Put that back where it came from, or so help me! - Reminder to put tools away when you are not actively using them!
  • I Need a Name - Metal Matt is taking suggestions for the new names for the 3d printers. See White Board.

Prospective Members

  • Benefits of joining: A key, a shelf, a vote, and can sponsor
  • How to Join: Find three sponsors, complete form, and pay
  • Why Join: Monetarily support the space, learn to fix stuff
  • How to get sponsors: Come and meet people. Be seen cleaning.

Member Responsibilities

  • Please make sure guests sign the waiver and validate their parking.
  • Member hosts are empowered to ask visitors who do not conduct themselves according to LVL1's policies and community standards to leave.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and any other non-members they host. This includes hosting an event.
  • Do not block access to storage or exits
  • Turn things off and lock the space when you leave
  • If your project doesn't fit on your shelf, please take it offsite. The boneyard is not your own personal storage shed.
  • If you find things in the hallways that shouldn't be there (bedding, air fryers, etc...) please contact an officer or director so we can contact the landlord.
  • READ the Members' List. This is how we alert you to important safety and policy things happening at the space.
  • Questions? Please contact a board member or the Members' List.

Everybody's Responsibilities

  • If something is broken or needs to be restocked, email broken@lvl1.org
  • Always leave equipment at least as good as you found it.
  • Do not leave equipment running unattended.
  • Clean up your mess and keep the space usable for your fellow hackers!
  • Do not take the furniture outside!
  • Get a FREE Clorox Wipe! Clean all the surfaces!
  • There is a list of 5 minute tasks on the whiteboard.
  • Do NOT cause odors in the space
    • Be Excellent to our neighbors that share the building with us, and DO NOT work on projects that will disrupt parts of the building that aren't ours.
    • If you see anyone being unexcellent to fellow hackers or our neighbors, please courteously remind them!

First Time Visitor Info

Are there any 1st time Visitors?

  • Prime Directive: Be Excellent to Each other
  • Being unsafe is being unexcellent!
    • Please sign the waiver! We have dangerous tools that can cause serious injury if not used correctly and carefully. We're not responsible if you hurt yourself with them!
    • Minors must be supervised at all times.
    • Animals also must be supervised at all times.
  • Means of communication - https://www.lvl1.org/connect/
  • Adam will be hosting a tour at the end of the meeting, near the front doors.

Regular Weekly Meetups

You too can organize a weekly/monthly meetup! Talk to a member or director and we can get you set up!



  • LVL1 Open Meeting, 8:00pm - where you are right now!


  • Spaghetti Wednesday - 3d Printing Meet UP 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.


  • Open Code Night at 8:00 P.M. - ??? If you want to code or interested in coding, this is your night.


  • Irregular Movie and Open Build Night, 8ish? - This is happening in the space. C'mon in and be safe. The best night to be in the space to meet folks and learn something.
    • Last Friday:
      • Dragon Ball the Magic Begins(1991)
      • Strays(2023)
      • Five Nights at Freddie's(2023)
    • This Friday:



Upcoming Events

2024 O&D Meetings are as follows: Even Months: 3rd Sunday @ 2:00 P.M. / Odd Months: 3rd Tuesday after the regular weekly meeting.

Power Racing Series: Maker Faire Lynchburg - Randolph College 2500 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA, United States, March 24 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm UTC+0

Repair Fair Tuesday, March 26th 4:30-6:30 @UOFL RED BARN! See Linda for details.

You too can organize an event! See the Hosting Guide on our website: https://lvl1.org/hosting-guide/


Making something cool?

Need help or materials for a project?

Have materials looking for a project?

Tell us about it!