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  • Streaming projector screen from meeting: [1]
  • Streaming video/audio of meeting: [2]


  1. You can find all of our Meeting Minutes at http://wiki.lvl1.org
  2. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  3. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  4. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. Crucible and investment (> 3000 deg)
      2. propane and atmospheric air
      3. florescent light fixtures
      4. 220 Oven preferably convection but not required, bigger the better 30 at least
      5. Vacuum Pump CFM rating currently undecided.
      6. USB KVM switch
      7. 2x2" and 3/8" lumber for shelving
      8. additional welding masks and welding screens
    2. Open Invitations for LVL1 Contributions (for serious considerations, please put it in writing)
      1. Bernheim CONNECT August 2012 Projects / Planning
        1. Music sync light show in the trees?
      2. U of L Speed School Engineer Expo (3/3)
      3. Projects / Installations for Louisville Metro
      4. Science Fair needs Volunteers see mailing list (3/10)
  5. New Business
    1. Space Upgrades
      1. loaned automative tester -brian
      2. large horizontal metal band saw works
      3. bathroom needs to be painted
      4. actual plug for the laser cutter
    2. Visit from Travis Good, writer for Make, last Saturday
      1. Touring hackerspaces for the past couple of months
      2. Very impressed with LVL1, working on article series
    3. LVL1 website hacked
      1. Careless Wordpress plugin left an open directory
      2. Exploit patched, files restored, passwords changed, nothing to see here, everything's fine. How are you?
    4. ConGlomeration would like to know if LVL1 would like run a panel this year
      1. See Joe P if you are interested. (4/13-4/15)
  6. Upcoming Workshops, Meetings and Events
    1. Fortnightly Monday Sound Builders (next 3/5).
    2. LVL1 Open Meeting & Making every Tuesday 8pm
    3. White Star Balloon Meeting (Thurs 8pm)
    4. Pow-Pow-Powerwheels Racing Series meeting (Thurs 9pm)
      1. First Race: June 23-24 Kansas City Makerfaire
    5. Maker Reality TV thing (Demo Tape due 2/29)
      1. Proper Television Inc. info on the Google Group
      2. Next tour of cool places(possibly industrial salvage)
  7. Project Roll Call

26 people attended

Brian wants to blind everyone with lasers Dry ice maker Chris's keyboard Ezra solarpanels