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STREAMING (maybe):

  • Streaming projector screen from meeting: [1]
  • Streaming video/audio of meeting: [2]


  1. You can find all of our Meeting Minutes at http://wiki.lvl1.org
  2. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  3. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  4. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. Bicycle Chain and gears (Lots of bicycle chain!)
    2. Open Invitations for LVL1 Contributions (for serious considerations, please put it in writing)
      1. Bernheim CONNECT 2012 Projects / Planning
      2. Louisville Science Center Engineers Week (2/23 - 2/25)
      3. Projects / Installations for Louisville Metro
  5. New Business
    1. Space Ugrades
      1. ?
  6. Upcoming Workshops, Meetings and Events
    1. Mother Meeting Every Monday 7PM
    2. LVL1 Open Meeting & Making every Tuesday 8pm
    3. Sparkfun Free Day 1/11 11am EST
    4. KYOSS Meeting 1/11 (tomorrow) at 6:30pm
    5. White Star Balloon Meeting (Thurs 8pm)
    6. Pow-Pow-Powerwheels Racing Series meeting (Thurs 9pm)
    7. Officer and Director Elections Jan 17th
      1. Who's running?
    8. KiCAD Workshop Saturday 1/21/12 at 1pm-5pm
      1. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2696636713
    9. Makerships Deadline 1/31
      1. 3 months membership and $100
      2. Apply with a project proposal
    10. Louisville Science Center Engineers Week (2/23 - 2/25)
  7. Project Roll Call


  1. Call to order at 8:00 pm. 23 humans and 1 canine present.
  2. Chris C needs ideas (via email, please) for the Bernheim connect 2012 event
  3. Andrew (visitor from Louisville Science Center) is looking for exhibits from LVL1 for their Engineer's week activity next month. Feb 23 to Feb 26. Looking for cool/fun/wacky things that LVL1 does.
  4. Chris C also needs ideas (email please) about ideas for Louisville Metro exhibits.
  5. Jon talked about Mother's Artificial Intelligence upgrades of the week... based on Alice (AIML). Needs new ideas to add functionality.
  6. KYOSS meeting on Wed. 630pm social, 700pm business meeting... several topics including design patterns, note taking, etc.
  7. White Star still needs lots of volunteers for design, build, operations. formal meetings are Thursdays, but informal most every day.
  8. Nominations:
    1. President, ChrisC, Jen
    2. VP Brian, Jon
    3. Secy TimM
    4. Treas Mark
    5. Directors at large(3 positions) Josh, Dan, Brad
  9. Project roll call
    1. Josh and Bob are hosting a machine shop tour on Jan 28.
    2. ChrisC talked about his Ronen Arduino shield.
    3. Jon has developed software to scrape the next 10 calendar items and post them on the LED signs
    4. Dan described in lurid detail his automated cat poop litter pan.