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1. Install Arduino IDE software. Not the web one.

2. Install the NodeMCU software using the instructions on this page

3. Install the FASTLED library Arduino->sketch->include library->manage libraries Search for FASTLED and install

4. Download the arduino software for the fastled webserver

  • Click clone or download and download the zip. Put this zip file on your desktop or in the documents folder
  • Right click to unzip the software

5. Navigate to the folder and run the esp8266-fastled-webserver.ino file

6. Edit this file above to be like this

#include "FSBrowser.h"

#define DATA_PIN      5 //LVL1 change this!  This is D5
#define LED_TYPE      WS2811
#define NUM_LEDS      30 //change this!
#define MILLI_AMPS         2000 // IMPORTANT: set the max milli-Amps of your power supply (4A = 4000mA)
#define FRAMES_PER_SECOND  120  // here you can control the speed. With the Access Point / Web Server the animations run a bit slower.

//LVL1 change this to true!
const bool apMode = true;

//LVL1 Comment this secrets.h
//#include "Secrets.h" // this file is intentionally not included in the sketch, so nobody accidentally commits their secret information.
// create a Secrets.h file with the following:

// AP mode password
//LVL1 uncomment this!
const char WiFiAPPSK[] = "your-password";

// Wi-Fi network to connect to (if not in AP mode)
//LVL1 uncomment this!
char* ssid = "your-ssid";
char* password = "your-password";