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* [[Astron RS-20A]] - UNKNOWN
* [[Astron RS-20A]] - UNKNOWN
* [[KeyLessEntry]] - OUTDATED
* [[KeyLessEntry]] - OUTDATED
== Computing Gear ==
* [[Dell Blade System on pallet]]
== Electronics Equipment ==
== Electronics Equipment ==

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This page is meant to be a master list for all of the equipment at LVL1. Add a wiki page link here and follow it to fill out the details. QR Code images and general information are generated with a simple MediaWiki template. Cut, paste and edit the following code into a new wiki page

|owner=Owner of Loaner of equipment
|serial=Serial Number
|model=Make/Model of equipment
|arrived=When this thing first showed up
|doesitwork=Does this work or not
|contact=person to contact
|where=where is it
|picture=wiki URL

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