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Out of Date

This page contains out-of-date info and links. It remains on this wiki only for historical reference.


The workshop is located in the basement of our space.


Yes, it goes against our ethos to have rules, but these are for your own personal safety, the safety of others, and consideration of others, which are definitely part of our ethos.


  • Wear the proper safety equipment (especially safety glasses) when in workshop area. Safety glasses are available for your use
  • Wear shoes that cover the complete foot, no sandals or flip flops.
  • Familiarize yourself of the location of the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher.
  • Clean up your mess. Brooms and dustpans are abound. Make use of them.
  • Put away any tools you used.
  • Let someone know if you break a power tool or a bit, blade or handtool. It happens sometimes, let someone know


  • use a tool you are unfamiliar with. Ask someone if you aren't sure
  • use a tool in a way it wasn't designed, thats the quickest way to break a tool or to get injured.
  • be in a rush. Rushing is how fingers are lost.
  • use a rag or towel near running equipment.
  • wear ties, loose clothing, jewelry, gloves, etc. when operating shop equipment.
  • use compressed air guns to clean clothing and hair (use shopvac).
  • service a machine while it is on. Unplug where practical.


Street parking is always available. Parking in the ORI customer parking lot is available after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends.


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