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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: none visible
  • Make/Model: unknown
  • Arrival Date: prior to Dec2010
  • Usability: not yet
  • Contact: Ned
  • Where: on pallet in back
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Current State of Affairs

  • Brad has built some custom boards with PCA9554N I/O Port chips on them. There is an input board, with 22 screw terminals to be connected to any buttons on the device, an output board, with 22 relays to trigger the 22 motors to vend products, and a rPi to handle i2c protocol between the PCA9554N chips. -Ned
  • As of August 25, 2015, the I/O boards and RPI can successfully trigger each motor individually, and code has been written in python on functions such as tablature, stocking, and interpreting I/O boards. (Thanks Hunter!)
  • Gary has built a first-run prototype of a transparent coin acceptor that will pass coins in front of the glass display on the front of the vending machine.
  • Ned signed up for a square account to get a card reader and is donating an iphone4 to be used in conjunction to accept cards for products on Dec 14, 2015.
  • Ned got a square card reader, it is connected to the iphone 4.
  • The square card reader does not interface well with the rPi, so an Apache Webserver with MySQLi and PHP is being loaded to the rPi to run OpenCart, to interface with Paypal, to take card. Thanks Hunter!
  • 2/10/16 Ned got a digital coin bank/counter from walgreens and hacked it so the rPi can know which coin is inputted, this device needs to be mounted inside the machine, and wired into the rPi.

To Do

  • Collect stock of the kinds of supplies that LVL1 wants stocked in the device.
  • Mount the Walgreens Coin Acceptor inside the machine
  • Setup OpenCart and interface it with paypal