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Below are the details, images and a sound file for the THEREMIN I have just built.


My source for the theremin schematic is the "Build the EM Theremin This classic electronic instrument gives good vibrations and excitations. By Robert Moog" from the publication "86 Electronic Musician February 1996". The article contains a schematic, parts lists, construction tips and tuning procedure.


RMTP-Theremin on Workbench.jpg

RMTP-Pitch Antenna Circuit Board.jpg

RMTP-Pitch Control Circuit Board.jpg

RMTP-Detector VCA and Processor Circuit Board.jpg

RMTP-Volume Control Circuit Board.jpg

RMTP-Volume Antenna Circuit Board.jpg

RMTP-Power Supply Circuit Board.jpg


Actual construction resulted in difference between the fritzing layout and actual build.

RMTP-Etherwave Pitch Stripboard bb.jpg

RMTP-Etherwave Amp Alt Stripboard bb.jpg

RMTP-Etherwave Volume Stripboard bb.jpg

RMTP-Etherwave PSU bb.jpg