Sumobot Workshop 2013

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Friday night Oct 4th 7pm - 10pm (probably later)

Limited to 10 students!

Brian Wagner (brian [at]

During this workshop you will be learning how to and soldering a "BaxterBot" board. The Baxterbot board is a circuit board I created this summer for Kentucky Country Day school (where I work). This board is basically a programmable Arduino with a motor controller, buzzer, tri-color LED, sensor headers and battery power system built in.

You will receive:

  • BaxterBot circuit board and components for board
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 line sensors
  • AA Battery holder
  • wires to connect things
  • 2 gearmotors

During the workshop, I expect we will finish the circuit board and program it for basic sumobotting. You will have to build a chassis and wheels for the sumo and mount it all so it works. We have a laser cutter, 3d printer, hand tools, scrap wood, hot melt glue and other supplies needed to finish your bot. You will need to bring 6 AA batteries to power your bot.

I will be at the LVL1 meetings on 10/8, 10/15 and 10/22 to help folks finish their bots for the 4th annual Sumobot Tournament!

Sign up, I promise it will be fun!