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11.1 Projects

11.1.1. Definition. A Project is an LVL1 endeavor developed by one or more LVL1 members. Projects are eligible for funding based on methods defined in this section of bylaws. A Project can be a development effort, a fund to support a general activity, or a planned event. Each Project must have a member sponsor who is responsible for the Project.

11.1.2. Establishment. For a Project to be on the list of Projects eligible for funding, the sponsoring member must coordinate with the Secretary to offer a description of the Project, note the Project's sponsor, an optional backup sponsor, and provide any other additional information the Secretary deems necessary to define the scope of the Project.

11.1.3. Termination. Upon the request of the sponsor, or in the event there is no active sponsor of the Project, the Secretary can declare the Project terminated. Upon termination, the Secretary will inform the Treasure such that any remaining allotted funds will be reallocated to the general funds.

11.1.4. Sponsor. A Project must have a member sponsor who is responsible for the management of the Project. A sponsor can define a new sponsor if he/she is unable to support the Project, or can designate a backup sponsor to act in the sponsor’s behalf in the event the sponsor is unavailable. The Secretary must be made aware of any changes in sponsorship or backup sponsorship. The Project Sponsor is also responsible to provide updates to the club as to the progress of the Project

11.1.5. Accounting. The Treasurer will be responsible for tracking the balances of the individual Projects.

11.1.6. Funding. A Project can be funded by four possible methods: • General vote • Monthly Surplus Allocation • Individual Contributions • Sponsored Workshop(s) General Vote. A general vote can allocate funds as is already defined in the bylaws to allocate money from the general fund. Monthly Surplus Allocation. Each month, following acquisition of dues the treasurer will distribute any monthly surplus to Projects. The Secretary will maintain the list of each members preferred Project allocation percentages. The percentage cannot exceed 100%. If a member’s allocation does not add up to 100%, the difference goes to the general fund. An allocation to an inactive (dissolved) Project will be allocated to the general fund. A member’s monthly allocation preferences will remain in effect until any changes have been submitted to the Secretary. The Treasurer will be responsible for determining the monthly surplus funds that may be available for distribution which is defined as the monthly club income minus the monthly club expenses. If there is a monthly surplus, the amount will be distributed to any active Projects based on the number of members in good standing and each member’s allocation percentages which shall be provided by the Secretary. Individual Contributions. Any individual or organization may donate funds and request it be used for an individual Project. The Treasurer will keep track of the donation and will allocate it to the account of the defined Project. A fundraiser would qualify under this section. Sponsored Workshops. If a member or members decides to host a workshop, they may assign the profits of the workshop, defined as funds remaining after costs are accounted for, to an approved Project. The hosting member of the workshop must declare their intention of Project funding prior to getting approval for the workshop. If no Project is designated, the funds will go to the general fund. Any costs associated with the workshop in which a given Project is the beneficiary of, are to be paid by the funds currently allocated to that Project. If there are no such funds in the Project balance, the Project sponsor must cover the initial costs to be reimbursed from any proceeds from the workshop. A general vote for acquisition of funds can supersede this clause.

11.1.7. Distribution of Funds. The sponsor of an approved Project can request reimbursement from the Treasurer upon presentation of a receipt or by any other method defined by the Treasurer.