O/D Meeting 08/22/2017

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Finance and member report

  • total members
  • new member email welcome


  • Social Media status? Amplifr working. Drop hootsuite?
  • 250 Stickers ordered for MakerFaire. Called. They lost order and now they are rushed.
  • Website work?
    • Slack channel - New Slack Channel made - need to integrate to LVL1 website
    • Does Website need a refresher? New theme, it has been a while
    • LIBA - Keep Louisville Weird - need to add to www.lvl1.org

Workshops and events

  • Push for more!
  • Jewelry?
  • 4 signups for essential oils
  • Date for next purge? Large member storage, Sept 16
  • Give for Good Louisville - September 14. What can we do? Who wants to lead this?

Space and equipment

  • Bylaws
    • Thoughts about lowering membership requirement to 1 member and 1 director. Streamline membership? Push for new members? Ideas?
  • Safety / Fire Officer
    • Eyewash?
    • Flammable bucket
    • Flammable cabinet
    • What else?