O/D Meeting 06/18/2019

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June 18 Board meeting

Financial report - Jim Good News! Discussion of donations from Tim’s bequest. – 1000.00 and the 150.00 in cards.

Membership –

Workshops and events – LVL1 Birthday party – any volunteers to organize the party? Andy volunteers July 6 We have not gotten rid of the budget We need to allocate the money for the party Discussed changing the budget to better reflect the actual lack of money. We have 2 pending events – hackathon for maker faire at Detroit Birthday for LVL1 Birthday for LVL1 – cookout and potluck Andy will ask for donations and will allocate $200 dollars from LVL1 funds to fund the party CPR – how did the cpr class go? Brian states he will help manage the calendar as Tim is no longer able to do so

Space and equipment Small laser – smoothy board has arrived All of the 3d printers functioning

There should be no rain leaking in now.

IT computer storage – The Door Lock project New Business How will we honor Tim? Name a room after Tim Vansant We need to think about this further Director of small matters at large was Tim’s title as Director Invite Tim’s family to LVL1 birthday party Discussed by Virgil We need to ensure that people that come to the space have what they need. Virgil wants to do a survey to ask members what they want the space to be like “State of the membership at LVL1” vision by Virgil Discussion of past workshops.

Round Table