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Mother Navigation

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Integrated Systems

Monitored and Controllable Systems

Mother - Monitored and Controllable Systems to implement

Monitor Only Systems

  • Weather Station Database
  • LVL1 LAN Network
  • LVL1 Group Calendars

Mother - Monitor Only Systems to Implement

Control Only Systems

  • LED Signs System

Mother - Control Only Systems to Implement

Front Ends

Web Interface

  • Mother Main Web Interface
  • Mother Guest Web View
  • Mother Pachube Charts

Touch Interfaces

  • HSTouch

Mobile Interfaces

  • Android/iPhone HSTouch
  • Mobile Friendly Web Interface


MOTHER Environment Stream

Device Types Being Monitored

  • All LVL1 networked equipment
  • Various Members Networked Devices
  • Various PIR Motions throughout LVL1 Space
  • Various Door sensors throughout LVL1 Space
  • Weather information for Louisville KY
  • Weather information for Spaceport IN
  • Current media related information per each media zone
  • Multiple SIP Extensions
  • Mother Email related information
  • Online Gtalk users
  • RSS Data Feeds
  • LVL1 Group Calendar Events

Mother - Device Types to Implement

Current "Stable" Space Scenes

Audio Scenes

Womp Womp Womp

  • Set Main room audio levels
  • Set Main room audio zone to Dubstep

Current "Stable" Events


Green Notifications

  • Notification of Unknown Device on LVL1 network
  • Notification of space occupancy change

Mother - Notifications to implement


  • Logging of all occupancy devices to online database and graphing

Mother - Occupancy Events to Implement


  • Maintenance and Resetting of all Jon and Clark gushes and counters

Mother - Hacktivity Events to Implement