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Arduino based small robotics platform


An easy to assemble, affordable and easily programable platform to enter into the Mini Sumobot frenzy.Sumobots


  1. Back EMF protection
  2. Atmel328 running standard arduino code
  3. Power regulator up to 14v(8 AA Lithiums)
  4. Power and ground rails near Analog and digital pins

Parts and Design

Parts goal is to build a sub $50 Mini Sumobot. Some concessions must be made and add more difficulty to the build.

Current parts list

Currently not sorted by section
Google Doc parts list


Board was designed in Eagle and tested with perfboard.

Design Goals v1

  1. the same size as the standard Arduino
  2. used through hole parts
  3. used easily obtained parts
  4. able to etch by hand

  • v1 met all of these goals except the last one, some of the traces are too thin and there are way to many vias.
  • v1 has 1 error on the RX/TX are crossed from the FTDI programming port and the Atmel Chip easily fixed by extending the header with a crossover

Design Goals v2

  1. fix the FTDI pinout
  2. make easier to reach the motor connectors
  3. reduce size to 5cm x 5cm
  4. switch to 3 pin wide headers for signal, analog, gnd rather than use 3 rows of long headers
  5. breakout pin 12 and 13(led) better
  6. able to etch by hand (long shot)
  7. add a frequency pulse timer for sensors