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I am currently a physics teacher in the high school at Kentucky Country Day. This is my third and one-half career.

  • Career #1: I began life an an electrical engineer.
  • Career #2: I then went on the graduate school and got a Ph.D. in physics. My area was statistical mechanics. My research required me to create a lot of simulations in C++.
  • Career #3: When I was finished with grad school I did a few years as a software engineer. The last project I worked on was a web app called TelaPoint. You can see it here. (I wrote the SmartReplenish code).
  • Career #3.5: I taught the night section of Modern Physics at University of Louisville one semester and was bitten by the teaching bug. I got a job at KCD and have been there since 2004. I teach 9th grade physics, AP physics, physics II and electronics. Sometimes I teach beginning Japanese.
  • Career #4: Who knows?

My making interests revolve around electronics and microcontrollers. I especially like the Arduino and the AVR microcontrollers in general. I want to learn more about RFID technology, especially using it to allow crowds of people, each with their own RFID tag to influence music and video displays via their distribution in space.