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Loot Underpayment Bankroll Enhancement

Want to buy something expensive or want to help ease the cost use some LUBE.

Paypal your FAP LUBE

  • Cash and check also accepted to treasurer
  • Donations are tax deductible! 501c3 info.
    • Donations under $250 do not require a receipt. You are responsible for keeping track of this.
    • Donations over $250 REQUIRE a receipt to be tax deductible. If you are donating over $250, you MUST request a receipt if you want to deduct the donation!
    • Donations over $5000 REQUIRE special handling. Please contact directors@lvl1.org for donations over $5000.
    • All donations given to the FAP LUBE fund MUST be spent on FAPs. If you wish money to go into the general fund, or to another project, please email directors@lvl1.org