Example Equipment Request

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This is an example equipment request; these requests will be listed in the weekly Tuesday meetings.

  • Requester: <Name>
  • Equipment Requested: <Equipment>
  • Special Considerations: <Special Cons.>
  • Likelihood of Damage: <Estimate>
  • Project Name: <Project>
  • Contact Info: <Contact>


  • Requester: Matthew Lichtenberger/User:JousterL
  • Equipment Requested: Geiger Counter
  • Special Considerations: Must be true geiger counter, not ionization chamber.
  • Likelihood of Damage: 80%. Will be soldering connections to both analog and digital inputs for circuit-bending music.
  • Project Name: Geigenheim Music
  • Contact Info: (502)-558-9934 or JousterL(at)gmail.com