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Archer Hack-a-thon Rules

  • Each eligible project must have its submitter or team name, project name, and short description recorded on the list of projects before the end of the hackathon.
  • Individuals must be present and conscious at the end of project demonstration to vote.
  • Each voting individual will cast a vote for the top project in each category.
  • Projects must be uniquely and unambiguously identified both by submitter(s) and voters; ambiguous votes do not count.
  • The winner of each category will be evaluated in the following order:
    1. That's How You Get Ants
    2. Phrasing
    3. Hostile Work Environment
    4. You're Not My Supervisor
  • Winners will be announced in the reverse order.
  • A winning project is ineligible for any subsequent category.
  • If there is a tie, the project with the most total votes across all categories will win.
  • If there remains a tie, the project whose submitters, in total, have accrued the most Kriegerands will win.
  • If there remains a tie, the teams shall do battle in a sudden death round of Archer trivia:
    • The team that wins a Kriegerand flip shall elect to go first or second.
    • Questions will be presented by the organizer in a randomized order.
    • If the organizer is a member of one of the teams, the organizer will be recused.
    • The first team to correctly answer a question their opponent does not will win.