Alternative Energy and Propulsion Sundays

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Alternative Energy and Propulsion Sunday takes place on Sundays at 6PM in the LVL1 space at 814 E Broadway. The topics of discussion will focus on alternative energy and propulsion sources ranging from solar and wind power to electrogravitics and microwave phase conjugation. Any topics relevant to this discussion will be welcomed.

First Meeting

The first meeting of Alternative Energy and Propulsion Sundays will take place on September 4th, 2010 at 6PM. Anyone who would like to suggest topics or experiments for the group is welcome to attend.

First Project

At the last meeting it was agreed that our first project should be something to grab public attention, so we have decided to build an ionic lifter. This is a high voltage craft that is kept aloft due to the ionization channels created between the high voltage lead wires and the ground potential "skirts" and is typically arranged in a triangular shape. This type of craft, according to infallible sources like the mythbusters, does not operate inside a hard vacuum because the ionization will not occur when there are no air molecules present. Due to the conflicting data that surrounds this type of technology, it was also decided that a vacuum chamber will be needed to test our alternative propulsion methods as space worthy transportation alternatives.

Anyone with access to a vacuum chamber or who has any spare parts or expertise that may be of use in constructing one, please email

Solar Energy Demonstration From Solar Energy Solutions LLC in Crestwood

A representative from Solar Energy Solutions is going to give a demo about PV systems and charge controllers sometime after Oct. 10th. If anyone has a preference for a particular Sunday in October, please email directly.

October 17th will be the default Sunday unless someone expresses a preference before then.

Check out their website here