(Midwest Regional) Stupid Shit No-One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon

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October 10-11 (starting noon on Saturday and ending 3pm on Sunday).

Completely FREE to attend! (although donations are always welcome, especially to the hard-working troublemakers we are)


"The Disappointment Machine" -- For The Worst (Best?) Failed 3D Print Attempt -- Prize: EXCLUSIVE, unique, 3D Print Failure Art

"Accidentally Useful" -- For the creation that solves an ACTUAL problem, completely unintentionally. -- Prize: Project will be lovingly left as a foundling on the doorstep of FirstBuild, where it can, perhaps, be taken seriously one day... Or immediately destroyed.

"I'm Not Even Mad" -- For the project that makes you stand in awe of its awesomeness and/or sheer stupidity of it. That makes you say "that is awesome and I hate you for it." And for that, you deserve "The Stupid Shit Cinder Block of Awesomeness" (courtesy of HackPGH) -- Prize: The Stupid Shit Cinder Block of Awesomeness....kit with instructions. Deal with it, smartass. (Prize Provided by Hack Pittsburgh)

"It's Cool, He Signed a Waiver" -- For the project that is most likely to cause injury of some kind. The kind that makes "News of the Weird." -- Prize: Some band-aids and ibuprofen. Godspeed.

"Awkward Moments" -- Trying to avoid eye contact with that one team because of their project? Yeah, this is for them. -- Prize: Your project on the front page of our Facebook page (until someone changes it).

WE intend this to be BIG! In an era where hackathons are being held by corporations and entrepreneurs to jumpstart professional innovation, it's time to show them why we hack: for the lulz, friends. All about the lulz.

So let's show others how to dick around. Find a problem...that no one has (this is integral). Then hack an awesome solution.

CAN'T ATTEND!?? Sponsor a special award!

Don't have a nonproblem?? We will give you one! We have a mix of ideas that you can draw from a hat!

The first Stupid Hackathons were held on the east & west coasts, so check out their winning entries for inspiration:

http://www.stupidhackathon.com/ https://stupidhackathon.github.io/


- Spread the word, for God's sake! Let's draw in people outside our little city!

- But don't take this crap too seriously, people.

- Are you a graphic designer? I dare you to design some ridiculous marketing!

- Sponsors and partner organizations? All welcome, but all incentives/awards should be appropriately farcical.

See you all there!