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We have moved to an electronic waiver system.

There are kiosks just inside lvl1's front door with the electronic waivers available for first time visitors to sign. Please plan to sign your waiver on these kiosks at the beginning of your first visit.

Paper Waiver Fallback

  • But if that does not work, here are old school paper waivers...

waiver for persons over 18

waiver for persons under 18

Old Frontdesk instructions that are no longer valid

Frontdesk has been merged with Pike13, who now hosts our visitor management site. As of 10/19/2017 we are aware that this link is outdated and needs to be replaced. Jared is working to update the waiver process and this wiki page. If significant time has passed since this update with no future updates, bother Jared at the space about finishing this update.

  • Click on Sign-Up at the top right
  • Follow the process by entering your email address, other information and electroncially sign the waiver.