WOPR Mute Module

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WOPR Mute Module
The On-board WOPR Mute Module

The WOPR hardware mute module is a device that will prevent the sound that WOPR is outputting from reaching the speakers.

The Switch for the mute module is mounted on the pole next to the Kidney Sound Table, and is labeled for easy use.


WOPR Switch
The WOPR Mute Switch

WOPR mute schematic.png


WOPR's Raspberry Pi's audio-out is plugged into one of the TRS jacks on the module, with the other TRS jack plugged into WOPR's audio amplifier. This allows for the audio signal from the Pi to the amplifier to 'pass-through' the DPDT relay, which either opens or closes the left and right audio channels whenever they are triggered, with the audio ground (sleeve) always connected.

The USB symbol in the schematic is 5V power provided from a USB Wall Wart with a USB cable you can see in the left side of 'The On-board WOPR Mute Module'

I realize now there is also probably a resistor on the jumper the furthest left in the image that is omitted from the schematic.

This device is designed specifically so that it could be used to mute any project with the use of any type of switch. the item includes provisions to be modified to drive the WOPR's indicator LEDs so that they can show when the WOPR is muted.