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LVL1 is democratic to a fault. Here are some quick tips to help you vote like a pro. This in no way usurps the bylaws. If you want something more detailed and official, read the bylaws.

Voting vs. FAPs

Regular votes include changes to the bylaws, the election of officers and directors, and an assortment of other one-off issues not explicitly outlined in the bylaws.

FAPs (short for Funds Allocation Petitions) specifically deal with the one-time spending of money and are usually for the purchase of a piece of equipment. Sometimes it might be for a service or some change in accounting voodoo, but always involves the allocation of funds.

How to Cast Your Vote

For regular voting, you must email with your vote. These votes have a proxy voting period where you can go the email route. You may also show up to cast your vote in person at a meeting. Remember, if it doesn't explicitly say it's a FAP, you must email your vote and not simply reply in the thread.

For FAPs, you may reply in the voting thread. Note that there will be a discussion thread and a voting thread. Vote in the voting thread, discuss in the discussion thread. You may technically cast your vote in person, but this is not common for FAPs. Plan on FAPPING in front of a computer screen in the privacy of your home.

Yea, Nay, or Present

It is commonly accepted that “+1” indicates a yea vote and “-1” a nay vote. However, you may use any language that clearly communicates your intention. Try not to get too creative.

Present is also a perfectly valid vote. It shows that you are a caring, engaged member, but don’t have any opinion on the particular vote at hand. Present votes are valuable as they help us meet quorum.

Changing Your Vote

Vote as often and as many ways as you like. Often minds are changed after some discussion. Only your last vote will count.

Who Can Vote?

All members in good-standing (meaning you are up on your dues). This includes Makership recipients during their membership period. If you are receiving the email or have access to the thread, you can and should vote.