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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: n/a
  • Make/Model: Zalman ZM-VE300
  • Arrival Date: 5/14/12
  • Usability: yes
  • Contact: Aaron VerDow
  • Where: server rack
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How to use

  • There are three modes:
    • Hard drive - works like an external hard drive
    • ODD - Virtual CD only (recommended for installing)
    • Dual mode - Virtual CD and external hard drive at the same time (handy for recovering files)

Copy an ISO to the drive

  • Plug it into any computer
  • Put it into HDD or Dual mode
  • Copy the .iso file to the _iso directory on the drive
  • Done!

Boot off an iso

  • Plug into the server your booting
  • During POST select your iso, then middle click to select it
    • if you don't see the cd icon (o inside an O) it's not mounted, middle click again
  • Select a boot device on the computer
    • Most of the time you can just select CDROM
    • I have found a few BIOS's that will only boot off one CD ROM at a time, if that's the case you must go into the BIOS and put the Valman Virtual CDROM above the built in IDE or SATA one.