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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1 owned
  • Serial Number: 2230
  • Make/Model: Makerbot Cupcake CNC
  • Arrival Date: October 16, 2010
  • Usability: Broken
  • Contact: Brian Wagner
  • Where: behind the main room stairs
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Current State

Not working, boxed under the table


  • Audrey 2 "Mark 6 plus" stepper Extruder head w/.4mm nozzle
  • Usable Build Area: 100mm Width x 100mm Depth x 130mm Height
  • X/Y Positioning Resolution: 0.085mm
  • Z Positioning Resolution: 3.125 microns
  • Maximum X/Y Feed rate: 5000mm/minute
  • Maximum Z Feed rate: 200mm/minute
  • Typical Z-layer height: 0.3725mm
  • Outside measurements: 350mm x 240mm x 450mm

Printer settings

  • Download the replicatorg below to an OSX or Linux box and extract it using the following command:
    • tar -xf replicatorg-0025-lvl1.tar.gz
  • Run replicatorg:
    • cd replicatorg-0025-lvl1
    • ./replicatorg
  • Open an STL file
  • Click Move
  • Set on platform
  • Center
  • Click Generate G-Code
  • Select type of plastic you're using
    • If it's not slightly clear, you're probably using ABS
    • The non abs settings have not been tested and might not work.
  • Once g-code generation is done you're ready to print! (I'll write those instructions later)


Working on it

  • Z axis wobble
  • Automated Build platform belt wobbles
    • I have no idea maybe a new belt made of thick kapton tape built to a tighter tolerance. covering it with pieces of narrow kapton seems to work for now.

Known Problems

  • extruder motor seized Fixed with
  • Power supply died replaced with RMA
  • Z axis wobble It will die
  • Automated Build platform belt wobbles allowing print to move -- this part has been removed until a suitable solution can be devised

Future Ideas