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Open Code Night

This is a group that meets on Thursday nights from 6-8 and sometimes beyond to learn, discuss, observe, or ignore programming and development with other people. Currently people have expressed interest in learning Python (programming language), C (programming language), SQL (database language), and Arduino (microcontroller for making digital devices).



MIT Python Course - This is a free course from and MIT that is very well done. It will be quite challenging for anyone completely new to coding, but is still doable, especially if you come to Open Code to do your homework and ask questions. It is a really great resource if you already have some experience coding but are looking to transition to Python, or if you already code in Python but would like to sharpen your abilities. It doubles as a nice intro to some computer science concepts.

TreeHouse Python - Treehouse charges ~$25/month but offers a 7-day free trial, and you can also get access through Louisville Free Public Library but they currently have a waitlist. Treehouse has a wider range of courses from Python for non-coders up through more advanced topics like web scraping, data science with NumPy/Pandas, building flexible websites with Flask/Django and more. They also offer other courses across a wide range of languages/technologies(Android, C#, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Databases, Java, Ruby, Swift, Go and more).


Talk to Ned, he taught himself C for doing cool stuff in the makerspace and may be able to put you on the right path.


Free Interactive SQL tutorial - I haven't tried this out myself, but I've used another tutorial for regular expressions that was excellent.

SQL commands list

September 2019 Meetings

- September 5th - Upcoming

August 2019 Meetings

- August 29th - First Meeting. Discussed Python, ( fastai) and other things. The donuts were amazing.