Rain Machine

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  • Project Name: RainMan
  • Submitter: User:JousterL
  • Reason: Above my deck I have a tarpaulin that protects a portion of my deck from the rain when it rains. I have found that when there is rain, the sound of the drops is soothing and helps me sleep. The simple idea of the project is 'rain machine' that drips water at a non-standard rate to simulate the pattering of natural rain on the tarp.
  • Implementation:
Square Tarp (6" by 6") stretched over water basin.
Water Basin (.5 Gal container [Old milk container?]) for capturing water
Several small tubes with various materials inhibiting flow rate
Pump to reservoir above tarp, or just manual (30 minute 'empty' timer?)
  • Estimated Cost: $25-$30, depending on parts salvage