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LVL1 Hackerspace's Official Power Racing Series Team!

LVL1 has had a reasonably rich history with the Pow-Pow-Powerwheels Racing Series. Karts Have been raced in at least Detroit since 2013.

For updated race rules and information:  try the PRS website!

Curious for details? Want to help?

Come by any Thursday evening to see what's going on!

Contact: David; Ned


Barmie was torn down and the frame became the chassis for the 2019 "Starz" Jeep. Jim dropped news on facebook on 2/13/19 of the tentative race schedule:

  • (subject to change)
  • Chicago Mini MakerFaire: May 4, 2019
    • two karts showed, we came in first in overall weekend games points.
  • MF Kansas City: June 22-23 (8 hours away)
    • we came in third in the endurance race!
  • Fort Wayne Three Rivers Festival: July 13-14 (4 hours away)
    • cancelled this year
  • MF Detroit: July 27-28 (6 hours away)
  • MF Milwaukee: September 14-15(6 hours away)
  • MF Louisville: September 28-29
  • Pittsburgh Pig Ralley: September 28-29
  • MF Atlanta: Fall? (7 hours away)
  • MF Orlando: November 9-10 (14 hours away)?????

early in 2019 we solidified a charging system to charge the Volt battery all at once, instead of in two halves, back to back. check out this write up on it.

the 2019 BOM was squared away before Detroit (7/19/19):



The Official PRS people posted this youtube video about the 2018 series.

Potential Race Schedule

Races we went to:

  • North-Side Chicago Mini Makerfaire - May 5. An Exposition. Bumblebee lost a wheel and PS1 gave us replacement small red ones.
  • Maker Faire Kansas City - June 23-24. 4 karts made a showing and none of them worked well. Bumblebee died for the season.
  • Fort Wayne Three Rivers Festival - July 14-15. Just Barmie (Barbie Army) Jeep appeared and we finished a race in ~6th
  • Maker Faire Detroit - July 28-29. Barmie
  • Maker Faire Louisville - September 15-16. Barmie did roll
  • Nashville Mini Makerfaire - "Fall" Barmie held 3rd for almost the entire 1st sprint and PS1 passed us in the last lap; we finished in 4th.

Karts' Construction

  • Jared's clown car is modeled around a very small (~30" X ~20") Jeep Powerwheels toy.
    • Frame construction is out of 2X4s and Plywood.
    • Pillow-block bearings on 1" keyway-cut rear axle
    • Old (1970's) used Go-kart rims.
    • Batteries (SLA?)
    • Treadmill Motor
    • School-style plastic chair
    • Disk brakes
  • David Gramlin's Crazy Cart is modeled straight from a Razor Scooter Brand Crazy Cart.
    • 7HP hobby king motor
    • elongated frame out of square tubing
    • Disk Brakes
  • David Grob is heading up the first iteration of a potentially competetive build, modeled around a large barbie jeep.
    • Chevy Volt Battery Pack 2X 6s3p lithium @ 24VDC in series.
    • welded square tubing frame
    • Brushless DC motor (or maybe an alternator?)
    • Hydraulic brakes
  • The Backup Dancers: 5 matching plastic frame parade karts from facebook marketplace
    • going to get a bare-bones simple, cost effective matching rig on each one.


In 2017 David, Cave Troll, and Jared made a Transformers "Bumblebee" themed powerwheels. The Stock yellow mustang was accented with transformers logos, and sported the racing number "502".

The kart was constructed from the guts of the RoomBAMF from the previous racing year. it contains:

  • A welded metal frame
  • 2x 800 Watt Electric Scooter Motor Controllers.
  • an adafruit trinket for throttle control
  • 3x ~30 Ah Sealed Lead-Acid batteries for a total of 36 Volts and about a 35 minute runtime on a full charge.
  • Many other items. This list may or may not be fleshed out. ask Jared for more documentation.

We raced in the Makerfaire Detroit, Milwaukee Mini Makerfaire, and exhibited at the Louisville Mini Makerfaire. In Milwaukee, we placed second-to-last. (a lvl1 win)

As of March 2018, Bumblebee Still runs reasonably well. There are updates planned to make Bumblebee easier to setup, and tentative plans to bring it back for the 2018 season, in addition to the new 2018 car. if this happens, It should mark the first time LVL1 has brought more than one PPPRS Kart to competetion.


Our vehicle for 2016: "RoomBAMF."

Inspirational footage for our design: [1]

Our structure will be a giant Roomba-style vehicle, featuring stylized personal safety gear to create a cat (dressed as a shark) costume. We are aiming to compete in the Maker Faire Detroit 2016 race, on July 30-31.

Curious for details? Want to help? Come by any Thursday around 7:30 PM to see what's going on!

Contact: Danielle Blank

Donate to the Power Racing Series Team(via PayPal)