O/D Meeting 04/16/2019

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Finance and member report

  • finance reports (Mar,19)
  • the financials were mailed out to the google members list
  • as of 4/16/2019 we stand at 76 members

Workshops and events

  • Others - Magic Mirror Class - Broken
  • Code with friends

Space and equipment

  • Door Lock installation
  • The door lock systems has been purchased , we saved 168.00 from the fap thanks to Bill using his connections.
  • Smoothy Board
  • replaced the PC by the 3d- printer
  • replenished quarterly consumables
  • setting up a time to go through and determine who no longer is a member and cleaning out the non members from the area.

Still to do

  • Space lease renewal, space cleaning,
  • Friday's meeting with the landlord
    • Community Foundation of Louisville
    • SBA Grant- we are currently working with Virgil and his wife to figure out how to obtain the grans

Round Table

The Round Table had one topic - Mike and Ruba, asking for re-admittance to to the space after the past weeks behavioral issues. at the end of the meeting the Directors and those present felt that taking some time away from the space would be a good idea. on Friday April 19th, Micheal and Ruba came into the space, Michael wrote the words HATE ME on the floor in the powerwheels area, I Andy Miller asked him to leave. No cussing, in control asked him to leave. Get your stuff and leave. They came back 30 minutes later to gather their things. Made a couple of threats and finally left. No further contact has been made.