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* (Belkin)
* (Belkin)
* [[HP 2600n Color LaserJet]]
* [[HP 2600n Color LaserJet]]
* White Star Primary Telemetry Server
* White Star Primary Telemetry Server (Ethernet port)
* File Server
* File Server

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  • If power is tripped to the basement turn that back on.
  • The point-to-point wireless link from LVL1's roof transceiver to bluegrass.net's AP may need to be reset. Behind the server rack is a Power over Ethernet device that provides power to the antenna link. Unplug it and plug it back in to power cycle it.
  • There's a Cisco switch with VLAN configurations to the upstairs WiFi routers. I guess you could try power cycling that if you want. That's probably not it though.
  • You can get to the web management interface of pfsense. Use 'https' not 'http' with the internal LAN interface. Poke around if you must, but I doubt any settings are preventing access unless you changed them. IF YOU CHANGE SOMETHING, LET EVERYONE ELSE KNOW. Seriously, if you don't know what you're doing you should probably not mess with config changes.
  • The ethernet uplink to bluegrass.net goes into the switch which is vlanned off to separate raw internet from NATed network. you can restart this also.
  • There are two WiFi routers (for lvl1 and lvl1secure) next the printer. You could try power cycling those.


How to Open the Door: Lift cover on key lock, press key lock and then turn the handle.

Internet Service graciously provided by http://bluegrass.net

Internet IPs

  • (LVL1 IPs)
  • (bluegrass.net gateway)
  • (bluegrass.net DNS 1)
  • (bluegrass.net DNS 2)

Network IPs

  • (pfSense FW external)
  • (pfSense FW internal)
  • Reserved for LED Signs
  • (Belkin)
  • HP 2600n Color LaserJet
  • White Star Primary Telemetry Server (Ethernet port)
  • File Server

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