Makership Kart Build

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the goal of this project is to build a gas powered go-kart that can compete in the KYSCCA autocross events at the L-Ville convention center.

Day 0 Friday July 8

Arrived at space with makership approved, plan to start fabricating frame for kart. Cut side frame rails: 4'2" long 1.5" diameter steel tubing. Found 2.5" tube for the back rail and a 1.575" tube for the front rail. Got sidetracked building battleship frame

Day 1 Saturday July 9

began welding frame using a tubeular template generator to notch out the metal. Basic rectangular frame finished.

Day 2 Sunday July 10

Went to a junkyard and salvaged the steering system out of a lawn tractor. Also went to Harbor freight and bought 2 10" wheels with 5/8" ball bearings

Day 3 Monday July 11

Removed 5/8" ball bearings from wheels to make room for either 3/4" bearings or solid hub for power transmission.