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Welcome to the main wiki page.

When we first started LVL1 we called it MakeLouisville and we used the wiki at We are abandoning that wiki in favor of this one. It will take a while to move everything over.

Join our Google group mailing/discussion list. Group email:

This wiki is for organizing our dream of creating a HackerSpace (Makerspace) in Louisville, Kentucky. If you do not know, a HackerSpace is a place where like-minded people can work on cool projects. It is basically a hangout for geeks. It is not a place to just be lazy and play video games, it is community where you can learn to solder, work on some programming, build with wood or metal and collaborate with other engineers, artists, geeks and propeller-heads. We want this to be a fun place, but we also want it to be a place to work and learn.

The idea for this comes from the many HackerSpaces in Germany, Austria, New York, San Fransisco and others. It also was inspired by our trip last year to MakerFairein San Mateo, California.

If this sounds like something you might like to be part of, please read up on this wiki, join in the conversation and let us know you are interested.

Read this article and watch this video:

Hackerspaces and DIY groups made the Wall Street Journal.

Go here and watch this movie about Making. It is a follow up to the above article...