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Welcome to the main wiki page.

As we begin this group we used []. But now we are abandoning that wiki in favor of this one.

Hackerspaces and DIY groups made the Wall Street Journal today. Check this link. The link will expire in a seven days so look at it soon.

Go here and watch this movie about Making. It is a follow up to the above article...

First Maker Meeting was a fantastic success! Thanks to all that came! 13 total people! We are on our way. Please check the meeting minutes. I know my writeup will be kind of random but that is what you get. Next meeting is Nov 24th at BBC at 8pm. Here are a couple of things you can do prior to that meeting....

Join this wiki so you can add/edit/delete any information. I will approve you. Get online and check out the Hacker Spaces in other cities. Gather Ideas! Tell us more about you. I will create a page for members and then you can add your interests, etc. Tell everyone about what we want to do here. Post some flyers (coming soon) in your local coffee shop. Think of a name for this group. Enter your thoughts here. Help define a Statement of Purpose. Help create a pathway towards Becoming a Legal Entity.

I also set up a Google group for a mailing list. I am not sure how to work it yet, but go ahead and try it... Homepage: Group email:

Thanks for everything, Brian

Also, start figuring out how YOU are going to make it to MakersFairethis year. Looks like it will be May 22 and 23, 2010. Mark and I are going to go and we would love to have a Louisville contengent. We went last year and it was fantastic. Ended up costing about $600 with airfare. We plan on going Friday afternoon and returning on the Sunday night red-eye. Here are my photos from MakerFaire 2009

This wiki is for organizing our dream of creating a HackerSpace in Louisville, Kentucky. If you do not know, a HackerSpace is a place where like-minded people can work on cool projects. It is basically a hangout for geeks. It is not a place to just be lazy and play video games, it is community where you can learn to solder, work on some programming, build with wood or metal and collaborate with other engineers, artists, geeks and propeller-heads. We want this to be a fun place, but we also want it to be a place to work and learn.

The idea for this comes from the many HackerSpaces in Germany, Austria, New York, San Fransisco and others. It also was inspired by our trip last year to MakerFairein San Mateo, California.

If this sounds like something you might like to be part of, please read up on this wiki, join in the conversation and let us know you are interested.

Brian Wagner Mark Endicott