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  1. Come to a Tuesday Meeting! We meet every Tuesday at the LVL1 space. 1205 E Washington Street, LL100. 8pm. Get to know us!
  2. Join the Google group. This is where we have our daily on-line discussions.
  3. Seriously, come join us at the space on our Tuesday Meeting. We won't bite. You don't need to be a member to come hang out at meetings and events. See what events are going on and check out what people are working on. There's no expectation that you have to be a member. Just come and geek out with us.
  4. Check out our LVL1 Quickstart to understand the guidelines we use to function as a group.
  5. Full rules for membership eligibility can be found in our non-profit's bylaws. Bylaws#Eligibility


Any person 18 years of age or older shall become a Member upon:

  • Signature of at least 3 current members to act as member sponsors
  • Verification of a completed membership form by the Secretary, and
  • Timely payment of dues as determined by the board of directors.

A member must also provide government-issued photo identification to at least two members of the board of directors at the time of payment of the first membership fee, and provide an electronic mail address for receiving official notice of members' meetings. Any person who does meet these requirements is a Member of LVL1.

The first 3 months of membership shall be considered provisional. During this 3 month period, only unique keys to access the space will be provided. If a new member fails to fulfill the responsibilities of membership during this period, Full Members may object to the membership. Objections to membership shall be directed to the member in question and the Board of Directors for attempted mediation. If during this 3 month period there are more unresolved objections to the membership than sponsors for the membership, the membership shall be terminated.

Membership Information Form


The treasurer will send you a plan request to your Front Desk account, you will receive an email with instructions.
Login to FrontDesk

Terminating or Inactivating Membership

UPDATED 06/17/2016
Login to FrontDesk
On your summary page, click on Member -Monthly under Plans & Passes
If you want to Terminate membership (meaning you will need to fill out the membership form again if you want to join, click on Cancel to terminate payments
If you want to Inactivate membership (meaning you just reactivate when you want in the future and will not be required to fill out the membership form), click on the Add Hold option and select your duration.
In addition you will need to send an email to the Board of Directors with your intention so we can have record of it. Send an email to with your request so we can expedite future changes on your membership account in FrontDesk.