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** [http://www.lvl1.org/events/#calendar LVL1 Calendar] (general)
** [http://www.lvl1.org/events/#calendar LVL1 Calendar] (general)
** [http://louisville.io/ LVL1 Event Calendar] (louisville.io feed)
** [http://louisville.io/ LVL1 Event Calendar] (louisville.io feed)
== 2019 ==
=== LVL1 Wiki Hackathon 2019 ===
* [[LVL1 Wiki Hackathon 2019]], Saturday, 12 January, 12:00 noon - 8:00pm
== 2018 ==
== 2018 ==

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Check our Calendar to see what LVL1 hackathons are on the horizon!

How to Host a Hackathon

Instructions for the Host

  • Contact directors@lvl1.org
    • Tell us the following info:
      • What you want to hack,
      • What date, time, and how long the hackathon will be
      • If/how you want to handle tickets (free, paid, pay-what-you-want)

What LVL1 Directors Will Do


LVL1 Wiki Hackathon 2019


White Elephant Hackathon

  • White Elephant Hackathon, Friday, 14 December, 8:00pm - Saturday, 15 December, 8:00pm

Archer Hackathon

  • Archer Hackathon, 9-10 November

Oh sh!t Maker Faire is Next Weekend Hackathon!

Make Food Not War II Hackathon

Mad Libs Hackathon

4:04 Hackathon



The OH SHIT it is one week before Detroit and Vegas Hack-a-Thon

  • The OH SHIT it is one week before Detroit and Vegas Hack-a-Thon - July 21-23


The Internet of Terror Hackathon

  • The Internet of Terror Hackathon - 10/28-10/30 @ 4:00 PM (Friday) - 4:00 PM (Sunday)
    • Hack something on the IoT to make it terrifying.
    • Including the "Memes of Screams" costume hack-a-thon for if you don't know what the IoT is.

The "Oh Sh*t is MakerFaire Louisville tomorrow?" Hackathon

  • The "Oh Sh*t is MakerFaire Louisville tomorrow?" Hackathon - Friday 9/9
    • Now including the Install-the-Metal-Shop-Air-Conditioner-athon - 9/9 @ 2:30 PM

The "Oh Crap, is that next weekend!?" Hackathon

  • The "Oh Crap, is that next weekend!?" Hackathon - Friday-Sunday, 7/22-24
    • Work on a project you will be bringing to Makerfaire Detroit

MacGyver Dollar Store Hackathon

  • MacGyver Dollar Store Hackathon - May 13
    • Come and test your skills against the legendary MULLETTED One who saved the world once a week with stray objects.
    • Some food parts will be available for assembling and consumption if you feel lucky.


Holy Smokes Hackathon

  • Holy Smokes Hackathon - 11/17 thru 11/24
    • Over 31,000 abandoned buildings catch fire every year and Louisville is not immune
    • Spend a whole week developing a smart smoke detector prototype that can alert Metro Govt when an abandoned building is on fire
    • Cash prizes up for grabs

(Midwest Regional) Stupid Shit No-One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Hack-The-Space Hackathon

  • Hack-The-Space Hackathon - 2/6 @ 7 pm to 2/8 @ Noon
    • Make the most useless yet pretty thing to add character to the space
    • Hack the Space Hackathon Results
      • Jose tried to resurrect Father but fell short (last place)
      • Danielle made a beret with bat ears
      • Swinging couch installed
      • Charles the Hat Cheated by making a laser cut LVL1 sign


Suicidal Robots

  • Suicidal Robots 24-hr Hackathon - 3/22, 12pm (Noon)
    • Presentations happening on 3/23 at Noon

GE Hackathon

  • GE Hackathon happening on Feb 8th at GE Appliance Park (Monogram Hall!).
    • Will be hacking appliances and need to sign NDA.

Global Game Jam

  • 48 hour Game Creation Hackathon! - January 24 - 26th
    • Gamedev group and JSLou group is working on developing a game in 48 hours! Come on down! One of two sites in KY and one in 400 world wide!


Get stuff done hackathon

  • Get stuff done hackathon
    • Oct 25th work on your sumobot!
    • Or whatever project you are doing!

Raspberry Pi Hackathon

  • Raspberry Pi Hackathon: September 14th - 9am to September 15th 6pm (With break for sleep, if desired)
    • Jose won the Raspi hackathon, with the Gruntmaster 6000. A mindwave headset and a screen force users to concentrate, and the setup takes their picture for posterity.
    • Other entrants included a mesh network for the Internet of Things, cheap backup camera, and automated sorting conveyor.

health data brainstorming hackathon

Suicidal Robots

  • Suicidal Robots - August 10th.

Code for America Hackathon


Make Food n̶o̶t̶ War 24 hour hackathon

  • Make Food n̶o̶t̶ War 24 hour hackathon (Oct. 20-21)

Cupcake 2012 hackathon

  • Cupcake 2012 hackathon

LVL1 2012 Boneyard Hackathon Summary


open door hack-a-thon

  • open door hack-a-thon for RFID entry and member management systems 12/11/10

Gwoborg Hack-a-thon

  • Gwoborg Hack-a-thon 10/10/10 at LVL1
    • Looking for web developers to create apps for WW application directory.