Geigenheim Music

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  • Project Name: Geigenheim Music
  • Submitter: User: JousterL
  • Reason: Partially as a bid to join the illustrious members of the Truly Mad Scientist's LVL1 Splinter Group, and partially to involve myself a bit into Louisville Soundbuilders, as I've always been intrigued by digital sound synthesis. This project aims to turn a Geiger Counter into the equivalent of a circuit-bending tool, with a control switch determining whether the output of the Geiger Counter is analog (directly from the tube) or digital (from the dial on the device). My initial aim is to use it to modify an incoming MIDI stream, as this would make it immediately compatible with a large subset of instruments.
  • Implementation:
Geiger Counter
Hardware SPST Relay
  • Estimated Cost: $150-$250. Due to the variability in pricing of Geiger Counters from the recent disaster in Fukushima, this is the best estimate I could generate for procuring the equipment.