February Freeduino Frenzy

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This page documents a series of workshops taught in 2011. Feel free to use this for reference.

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Greetings -

February Freeduino Frenzy is a workshop that will happen on Feb 13, 2011. It will consist of several experiments that will teach the student how to do basic circuits and coding on the Freeduino (Arduino) platform. Some of the projects will closely follow the Spring Training from the Spring of '10, some of the projects are brand new! Sign up and lean valuable skill on how to use and program your Freeduino.

You will need to bring a laptop and a Freeduino or Arduino or clone. Do not sign up if you do not have a laptop or Freeduino! You will need the laptop to program the Freeduino.

If you can, please download and install the Arduino Programming Software on your laptop as described here. That would save some time.

BTW - this is called a Frenzy because I know I have too much stuff packed into an afternoon. All of my instructions will remain online so you can revisit them whenever you want. I hope we will make it through everything - but no promises.

Brian Wagner 1/31/11

View/Print/Post the February Freeduino Flyer - Media:Fff.pdf

Part 1 - Digital I/O

Load Arduino software and set up breadboard

Blinky Light

Cylon LEDs

TriColor LED fun (PWM)

Input Switch


Part 2 - Analog Sensors

Set up LCD

Voltage Divider (Linear slide pot)

CDS Light Sensor, Thermistor

Pressure sensor with antistatic foam

DS1820 Temp sensor

Notes by Brian below... do not delete!

Parts needed for workshop

  • 1 Breadboard @
  • 8 LEDs !
  • various Resistors ! (9-1K'ish,2-100,1-180,2-3K,1-4.7K)
  • 1 TriColor LED %
  • 1 Pushbutton Switch @
  • Misc Hookup wire !
  • 1 LCD @
  • breakaway headers for LCDs !
  • 1 Pot for contrast - or 2 resistors !
  • 1 Pot linear slide !
  • various resistors !
  • 1 CDS cell %
  • 1 Thermistor %
  • 1 DS1820 %
  • 1 4.7K resistor (Yellow Purple Red)

@ I have these; ! store; % need to order All parts ordered and accounted for!