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==== Cooled Platform ====
==== Cooled Platform ====
==== Chamber ====
==== Chamber Vessel====

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To bring LVL1 into the nuclear age, it is necessary to detect the presents of nuclear material. To that end, the Truly Mad Scientist's LVL1 Splinter Group has decided to build a cloud chamber. The chamber built does not utilize dry ice. Instead it uses peltier coolers. The basic design is from Rich Olsen of nothinglabs.com and his Instructable. Minor design changes were made to accommodate its use in future experiments.

The Build

The Bill of Materials:

  • Cooler Master Hyper 212
  • Two Thermaltake 120mm Case Fans (Black/Red)
  • TECI-12709 (136.8 watt) Peltier Cooler
  • TECI-12710 (168 watt) Peltier Cooler
  • Artic Silver Thermal Compound
  • OwensCorning Pink Insulation Sheet 3/16th inch
  • OPTIX Acrylic Sheet 0.093 thick
  • Tempered Hardboard 9x12"
  • One Quart Acrylic Canister
  • Rubber Gasket Sheet 6x6"
  • 250 Watt ATX Power Supply
  • 4 Pin Molex Connector Male
  • Cable Wrap
  • Black Spray Paint

The Components:

  • Cooling Assembly
  • Cooled Platform
  • Chamber Vessel


Cooling Assembly

The Thermaltake 120mm fans are mounted on each side of the CPU cooler radiator. Fans are arranged in a push-pull formation. The fans are held on the radiator by mounting clips. The clips fasten to notches on the radiator fins. The mounting is not secure and the fans can be adjusted up/down the radiator surface. The TECI-12710 pelter cooling block is afixed to the cooling block above the radiator. The peltier cooler wires are run parallel to the cooling pipes between the radiator and cooling block. The 12709 peltier cooler is afixed to the other peltier with thermal compound. Wire are oriented same as the other peltier.

IMPORTANT : Make sure the peltiers are facing hot side toword radiator and cold side away from radiator. Getting either or both peltiers backwards will result in destruction of the peltiers.

Cooled Platform

Chamber Vessel