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Jose redacted Charles Jim Kidwell Micheal Hammons Brian Cave Troll Raj David


  • Define goals
  • understand current bylaws
  • understand current expenses


  • budget needs to address emergency fund
    • keeping the space functioning and running
  • Who is authorized to spend the funds
    • treasurer verifies funds
    • A board member can authorize for reimbursement or pay for item
  • possible scale budget to membership
  • year review
  • membership approves the budget
  • volunteer budget committee
    • committee budget, last years budget, go back to old system
    • if there is no budget we go back to $500 max $100 item and FAP
    • Budget must be submitted by Nov 30th and voted on at elections
    • treasurer chairs the committee
  • Method for bailing on the budget


  • equipment repair/replacement
    • do we break it up
    • general
  • advertising
  • Materials
  • consumables
  • low cost equipment purchases
  • Facility repair
  • rent
  • utilities
    • average for the year
  • insurance
  • emergency fund
  • Stipend $500 with $100 max
    • increase to something and $200 max