APS GF-B Reflow Oven

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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: Serial Number
  • Make/Model: GF-B
  • Arrival Date: 04/22/2016
  • Usability: Yes
  • Contact: Nathan A.
  • Where: Electronics Workbench

Quick Start Instructions

  • Turn oven switch on (rotate clockwise)
  • Turn on oven rocker fan switch
  • Press Enter key
  • Use arrow keys to navigate to "Work" and press Enter
  • Slide conveyor over to one side completely (do not have loaded with PCBs), oven will start
  • Let oven heat up to profile's reflow temperature (e.g. 235C), about 30-35 minutes
  • Load PCBs on side not inside the oven
  • Slide conveyor to other side. PCBs will now be inside the oven.
  • Wait for timer to complete its cycle, ~240 seconds or whatever your current profile is set to
  • Once cycle is complete, slide the conveyor over again and let boards cool
    • Note: if you slide conveyor completely over to one side, the oven will automatically start another cycle. To avoid this, slide oven conveyor to the side partially.


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