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Agenda for meeting

  • Welcome
  • Introductions - who all is here - pass around sign in sheet
  • Discuss our vision and what we are about
  • Discuss Dues and what this will cost
  • Recruiting - how can we get members?
  • MakeLouisville Name??? Logo??
  • Going to the Makers Faire May 22-23
  • Show and tell
  • Assign action items
  • Adjourn

who attended... Brian Wagner Mark Endicott Sam Troutman Todd Chandler Christopher Cprek Tim Knowlton Camron Brooks Joe Pugh Becky Gallion Jason McGrew Gene Woods Dave Stocklan Dan Stocklan

Random notes I jotted down - If they jog your memory, then add to the list of notes! WFPK - ads for the group CNC Router - [plans] [[1]] - anyone good at writing grants? Timeline Manifesto? Google Group - done Brain Drain - can we approach the city for money [Mimms] - great electronics books Introduce yourself [Group] [- Lexington group]

  • Todd Wiley
  • Nick Warner

mailing List - part of google group [Sanctuary Space] Butchertown, the Point [[2]]