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LVL1 Makership

Note: This program is funded completely through donations and NOT through our membership dues. We currently do not have enough funds to offer a Makership. The program is suspended until sufficient funds are collected to resume. See our treasurer to make a donation.

  • Makership Application Deadline - Last day of each month @ 11:59 PM.
  • Submit your project for a chance to win 3 months of membership and $100 toward your project.
  • Apply at www.lvl1.org/makership
  • If your application is not approved, PLEASE revise and resubmit!
  • If you would like to donate ($5/mo) to this cause, see one of the directors and we can set you up!
  • If you would like to donate ($5/mo) to this cause, see one of the directors and we can set you up!

First Time Visitor Info

Are there any 1st time Visitors? Tour at the end of Meeting -- Please sign the waiver of liability

  • Prime Directive: Be Excellent to Each Other
  • Safety is Excellent!
    • Minors must be attended by Parent/Guardian! Unattended minors will be converted to non-minors by a TARDIS or DeLorean as available
    • Always leave equipment at least as safe as you found it
    • Do not leave equipment running unattended
  • LVL1 Means of Communication - http://www.lvl1.org/connect/
    • Our website / calendar is www.lvl1.org
    • Meeting Minutes, equipment information, and projects on our wiki: wiki.lvl1.org
    • Sign up for our Google Group discussion list https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lvl1
    • Google Hangout https://hangouts.google.com/group/KrvEvKVKapRzznlh2
    • Facebook, Twitter, Meetup
    • learn@lvl1.org - Want to learn something new, get some equipment training, or host a workshop? Want to help facilitate any of these things?
    • broken@lvl1.org - Something broken? Something needs to be restocked?
    • directors@lvl1.org - Need to contact those who are ostensibly "in charge"?
  • Culture of Cleanliness
    • Please clean up your mess and keep the space usable for your fellow hackers
    • Get a FREE Clorox Wipe! Clean all the surfaces!
  • T-Shirts are on sale after the meeting in the classroom!!! $10 each
  • FREE stickers by the sign-in station! (You have signed the waiver, right?)
  • We have an Amazon Smile account. PLEASE USE! Shop at smile.amazon.com and tell them we are your favorite non-profit! LVL1 gets .05% back from each purchase at no extra cost to you!

Regular Weekly Meetups

If you would like to host a regular meetup, see one of the directors and we can get you set up!


  • Night of The Hat - fortnightly Mondays from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, next one on 5/27/2019 (hosted by The Hat)
    • Soldering, Open making
  • Brew Your Own Beer - Has been postponed. Stay tuned for further updates
  • Louisville Sound builders - fortnightly Mondays at 8:00pm, next one on 5/20/2019 (hosted by Chris Cprek)
    • Make things that make noise!


  • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making - Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
  • Directors Meeting - Normally the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:00pm, next one on 5/21/2019 TONIGHT
    • Open to the public!


  • Dust Collectors, 7:00pm - 9:00pm (hosted by PAAaaAAaaaaUuUuul!!!!)


  • Open Code Night - last Thursday of the month from 6:00pm - 9:00pm, next one on 5/30/2019 (hosted by Kevin and Charles)
  • Threadsday Thursday - every Thursday Night (hosted by Madeline)
    • Will NOT meet on 16 May
  • Power Racing Series - Back in action; on Thursdays now (hosted by Ned or David)
    • Build an electric Go-kart out of a PowerWheels


  • Irregular Movie and Open Build Night - every Friday at 8:00pm
    • Watch a movie of wildly varying degrees of quality
    • Bring a project work on while you ignore the movie
    • Ignore your project while you work on the movie
    • Group food order (usually pizza, $7/person, or Chinese, $9/person) around 7:30pm
    • Last Friday we watched ???
  • Fix-it-Friday Repair Cafe - Fridays by appointment
  • Pass the plate (for plates). Hoping to raise funds to buy plates, forks, and spoons. When we hit $80 from passing the plate I will have a chilli dog dinner.

Upcoming Events

  • AWS DeepRacer meetup Thursday May 23 8pm in the classroom
  • Start-Up Weekend - Friday thru Sunday, 7 thru 9 June (talk to Amy)
  • LVL1 Birthday Party - Saturday, 6 July ?????
  • Oh, Sh!t, Maker Faire is Next Weekend Hackathon - Saturday, 20 July ?????
  • Detroit Maker Faire - Saturday & Sunday, 27 & 28 July (coordinated by Danielle)

Want to host an event? We'll make it happen!


Need help or materials for a project?

Need a project for any materials?

Tell us what you're hacking on!

Kind Words

  • Tim's final arrangements will be this Wednesday as follows:
  • 10:00am: Visitation at Our Savior Lutheran on Nottingham Pkwy.
  • in Hurstbourne, off Shelbyville Rd.
  • 12:00pm: Funeral, also at Our Savior Lutheran
  • 2:00pm: Internment at Resthaven Cemetery on Bardstown Rd.


  • See a director for t-shirts ($10 - cheap)!
  • Tour starting by the front door!

Meeting Notes

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  • Meeting Start:
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  • Tour Guide:
  • Notes Taken: