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This is an ever-evolving list of things that need to be done to improve the space. Feel free to add, modify, expand upon, and most of all take action on any of these items.

Try to create well-defined actionable items. Failing that, identify possible improvements that need a plan developed. Place them in the appropriate category. If you do something move it to the complete category with the names of those who need to be celebrated.

Actionable Items

  • Continue to cut and take down in sections the green pipe hanging from the ceiling to make room for HVAC system.
  • Need permanent place for Shapeoko Mill, build rolling table for clean / dirty use
  • LED signs at 2 inside entrances and parking lot window
  • Set up speakers and audio system(s) in common room and possible class room and wood/metal shop
  • averdow's list
    • Get more cable ends
    • Run ethernet to wood shop
    • Run ethernet to 'concession stand' for console game systems.
    • Sand down ends in panel B so the blank spots can be filled in
    • Setup mail server on file server for Brad's scan thing
    • Setup KVM on file server
    • Move Testing servers down a couple U's, install new PDU and testing switch
    • Move station files out of \\files\shared and into their own shares
    • Print auto bed leveling parts for Taz
    • Setup auto bed leveling on Taz
    • Document using Slic3r
    • Setup one click printing
    • Rename taz in udev rules
    • Create "Where's my Pi?" DHCP monitor
    • Setup some sort of monitoring system

Metal shop list

    • Reassemble brake/shear/slip roller
    • Install bolts in metal shop floor for mounting of these tools:
      • Ring roller
      • Planishing hammer
      • Bender (not the robot)
        • Build a Bender (the robot)
      • Bead Roller
      • Other ring roller

Undeveloped Items

  • Place holder....

Completed Tasks

    • Mount ventilation in Metal Shop (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
    • Move and organize usable metal (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
    • Hang/mount welding screens [As a suggestion for what can be done is the possibility of having the screens set and positioned on the floor for use and then when they are no longer needed they can be hung in one place on the wall or ceiling] (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
    • 'Old Science Center kidney thing' is now LVL1 Kidney Sound Table, With record player. (Jared)